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Founded in San Jose, California on February 18, 1997, is among the oldest sites for kids on the Internet. Since 1997, KidSites' primary mission has remained the same; to find and provide reviews for the best sites for kids on the Internet, and bring them together in one convenient location for our visitors.

Review Criteria & Site Suitability

Before a site can be listed on, it goes through an extensive review process. Attributes we look for in the sites that we list include quality content, good presentation values, and most importantly, subject matter that is safe and suitable for children to view.

In addition, it's important that the content on the sites we review be free for visitors to access and use. does not include sites in its listings whose sole purpose is to sell products or services.

If you have a great site for kids that you'd like to submit for possible inclusion at, you can do so by filling out our Site Submission Form.

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Thank you for visiting We hope you enjoy your time here and come back to visit us often. We're always open to new ideas on how we can make your experience here at KidSites better, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Thanks again, and happy KidSites surfing!



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