Music Sites for Kids


Classical Music Archives
Resource of 6,900 classical music files in MIDI format from 525 Composers. Search for a composer or play a random song.

Creating Music
This site lets kids easily create and experiment with music and rhythm by drawing their compositions on a "Musical Sketch Pad". Also includes musical puzzles which challenge users to put melodies in the correct order, and other fun activities.

Guitar Lessons
A great selection of video tutorials that introduces beginners to everything from basic instruction on how to hold a guitar, to more advanced subjects like how to play chords, different guitar styles, ear training, and reading sheet music.

Guitar Lesson World
Dozens of lessons and exercises provide visitors with a good start to learning the basics of how to play the guitar.

Introduction to Reading Music
Presents an introduction to the most important topics related to reading music in a very easy to understand way.

Learn About Instruments
Listen to and learn about instruments in the string, woodwind, brass and percussion families.

Music Genre Sampler
Learn about and hear samples of the more popular musical genres like jazz, rock, classical, reggae, celtic, country, and blues.

SFS Kids: Fun With Music
This site, from the San Francisco Symphony, introduces kids to music in a highly entertaining and animated way. Learn about instruments, and then discover the basics of how music is made, through tempo, rhythm, harmony, and more. In addition, other activities let you experiment with playing music.


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