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Online Games

Alive Games
Choose from an excellent collection of 8 wacky games at this bright orange site. You can play the games online, or even download them to play on your computer if you like. Also includes a selection of downloadable screen savers.

Alphabet Action
Young children will enjoy learning the alphabet with this interactive activity. Click on a letter to hear its name and see a picture.

American Girl Games
While this site says, "Fun for Girls," don't let that fool you. With high-quality games like Pepper's Frisbee Fun and Pet Soccer, it's safe to say that many of the 80-plus games in the collection can be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls!

BBC CBeebies Games
CBeebies presents you with a virtual "A to Z" selection of games, as you choose your favorite show characters to play with, from Alphablocks to ZingZillas. Other activities like Song Time, Make & Color, and Story Time provide visitors with a lot of activity options to explore.

Bob the Builder
Join Bob the Builder for a variety of games aimed primarily for younger audiences.

Satisfy your sweet tooth by playing a game or two from the collection of over 250 available at Candystand. Game categories cover sports, arcade, racing, puzzle, card games, and more. Just remember to brush well, after playing.

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network has an incredible selection of over 250 games for you to play. Many of the games feature Cartoon Network characters, like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter, and The Powerpuff Girls.

Disney Junior Games
Play games in categories such as Action, Counting & Math, Music, or simply choose a game by selecting from among one of many of your favorite Disney characters.

Free Rice
Run by a non-profit organization, Free Rice is a fun and challenging educational game that puts players' vocabulary skills to the test. For every correct answer made, Free Rice donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. And since the game is addictive, those grains tend to add up quickly. This is one game that not just benefits the player, but hungry people around the world, as well.
Saddle up and head on over to FunRanch, for games like Checkers, Fenced In, Copycat, and IQ Puzzle. All are nicely designed and darn-tootin' fun, to boot.

Fun with Spot
There's lots of neat things to do when you visit Spot. From games to coloring to creating your own story, Spot offers young children a wide variety of fun activities to take part in.

Math Game Time
Math Game Time provides visitors with a great selection of fun online math games, for Pre-K to 7th Grade students. Also included are worksheets and videos, curated by educators.

Nick Jr. Games
Nick Jr. has a great selection of quality games for you to play, featuring your favorite Nick Jr. characters.

Ferry Halim is the author of over 50 stunning games. The artistic style of game-making he employs is easy to recognize, as all of the games he creates have similarities with regard to their beautiful graphics, smooth animation, and charming musical scores. While children will enjoy them, they're suitable for all ages, and come with's highest recommendation.

Prongo Games
In the mood for a fun collection of games that might just teach you something at the same time? Practice your math skills in games like Lemonade Larry and Batter's Up Baseball, or relax with a game of Checkers, Connect the Dots. Includes over 30 games and quizzes in all.

A great online gaming platform that allows users to play free flash games, earn virtual currency and then contribute to real-world charities.

Word Game Time
Visitors to Word Game Time will enjoy a wide variety of entertaining word games, designed for Pre-K to 7th Grade students. Subjects include Alphabet, Spelling, Typing, and more. Includes worksheets and videos.


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